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Siding Replacement and Repair


Vinyl siding has drastically changed over the last few years. With homeowners looking for maintenance free and to increase energy efficiency, vinyl siding is now the number one choice. Vinyl siding now out performs aluminum, steel, and in most cases, cement siding. With the advances in vinyl siding, it now has the ability to withstand most severe weather conditions, increase resale value of you home, resist rot, and lower energy costs. It’s often thought that aluminum or metal sidings are stronger. Fact is, today’s engineered vinyl siding is twice as thick and is manufactured with through color technology.

First Class General Contracting offer our customers the opportunity to make their homes maintenance free by offering aluminum metal wraps. Our skilled craftsmen can cover any painted surface on the home with enamel painted aluminum coil. The coil stock is bent into complex shapes, which cover your window casing trim, doorways or garage surrounds. There is no need for painting due to rotting ever again! Once in place, the team seals around the metal to avoid water intrusion, permanently protecting your investment.

Quality control is very important to the team at First Class General Contracting. There are multiple quality control inspections that are completed to ensure that your siding is completed to the manufacture recommendations and to your satisfaction. Every elevation of siding is inspected multiple times throughout the replacement process by your project manager. Furthermore, projects are randomly inspected by the owners of First Class General Contracting without the project managers or crews knowledge. This ensures that not one detail is left undone. 

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